JETLAG RADIO 056 | 057 | 058 | 4-24-17

Hi there. I've just added playlists # 056, 057, and 058.

The first track of playlist 058 stems from Solarstone's new EP. It's really good so be sure to check it out.

Here is the latest music video from Logic. It's a really great song, the video is great, and I cannot wait for his new album (5/5/17). His older album "Under Pressure" is one of my favorite albums of all time. He also had 4 mixtapes that were pretty cool.

  • The Outline has started a playlist series. This month, a conversation on the daily nightmare of #ClimateChange [Outline]
  • Barack Obama says he wants to focus on training young leaders [The Economist]
  • Today Is The Best Day to Plan for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 [SPACE.COM]
  • The Age of AI [HBR]
  • Google's New Chip Is a Stepping Stone to Quantum Computing Supremacy [MIT Tech Review]
  • Routes to the Future Vol. 2 [UPS Longitudes]
  • Elon Musk's Billion-Dollar Crusade To Stop The A.I. Apocalypse [Vanity Fair]
  • The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI [MIT Tech Review]
  • A More Realistic Augmented Reality [MIT Tech Review]
  • 3-D-Printed Sneakers, Tailored to Your Foot [MIT Tech Review]
  • Stephanie Busari: How fake news does real harm [TED]
  • Everyday Emergency: The MSF Podcast [MSF]
  • The Bernie Sanders Show podcast [Bernie Sanders]
  • Cities of 2050: Data and Technology Will Fuel Megacities of the Future [UPS Longitudes]
  • Google's Dueling Neural Networks Spar To Get Smarter, No Humans Required [WIRED}
  • Supercomputer Simulation Offers Peek at the Future of Quantum Computers [MIT Tech Review]
  • Astronomers May Finally Have the First Picture of a Black Hole [Nat Geo]
  • The Countries Most (and Least) Likely to be Affected by Automation [HBR]
  • The Bizarre Digital Book You Must Destroy Before Sharing [WIRED]
  • A Simple Visual Proof of a Powerful Idea [QUANTA Magazine]
  • California Today: GoPros, Audiobooks and Other Perks of the Library [NY Times]
  • Can podcasting save the world? [Techcrunch]
  • Engineering the Perfect Astronaut [MIT Tech Review]
  • Apple appears to be interested in the satellite internet business [The Verge]
  • How to Pull Water Out of Thin Air, Even in the Driest Parts of the Globe [MIT Tech Review]
  • Why You Should Read Books You Hate [NY Times]
  • SpaceVR, SpaceX to launch VR Camera into space, bringing the astronaut experience to all [Mashable]
  • A New Blast May Have Forged Cosmic Gold [QUANTA Magazine]
  • IAM - Étranger [YouTube FR]
  • Anime comes bearing hope [Outline]
  • The Growing Case for Geoengineering [MIT Tech Review]
  • Microsoft Says it Will Simplify Windows Updates into Two Per Year [Fortune]
  • Steve Ballmer's new project sheds light on U.S. Government spending [Techcrunch]
  • Alphabet has quietly become the most influential player in Silicon Valley health tech [CNBC]
  • Alphabet seeks 10,000 volunteers -- and their health data -- for a massive medical study [The Verge]
  • A hundred days of Trump [New Yorker]
  • Macron and Le Pen advance to the second round of the French election [The Economist]
  • This teacher Raised $80,000 To Buy New Bike For Every Kid At School [Global Citizen]
  • The Usefulness of a March for Science [New Yorker]
  • Can Trump Avoid A Government Shutdown On His 100th Day? [FiveThirtyEight]
  • The End of Foreign Aid As We Know It: Trump Budget would gut development assistance and fold USAID into State [Foreign Policy]
  • Use Data and DNA To Fight Disease [Intel AI]

I got to watch "La Patrouille de France" recently. It was an amazing airshow. They're the French equivalent of "Blue Angels." I watched some of the Coachella livestream last week. Two performances that really stood out to me were Kendrick Lamar and Steve Angello. Kendrick's album is really good, still trying to decipher all the lyrics, I think he said he has more music coming. Steve Angello set a great precedent, and his upcoming album ought to be something really special. Right now, Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance 2017 just came out, so I'm looking forward to listen to it. Silicon Valley is back on HBO, this season ought to be good. Also, "Genius" starts on Nat Geo this week. I hear Doctor Who is in its 10th season? I need to start watching this show. In addition, I'm looking forward to reading Senator Warren's new book "This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save the America's Middle Class." Lastly, my birthday is next month, so I'd like to take the opportunity to raise awareness for charity: water. More information here.

Until Next Time!

JETLAG RADIO 055 | 3-20-17

Hello. I've just posted playlist #055. The first song is a collaboration between The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. It's called: "Something Just Like This." Pretty good song. It's deemed cheesy but cheesy can be good.

  • Machine Learning: The New Proving Ground for Competitive Advantage [MIT Technology Review in partnership with Google Cloud]
  • Brain-controlled robots [MIT]
  • Opportunities for machine-learning startups: An investor perspective [Venture Beat]
  • Facebook in Soccer Streaming Deal with MLS, Univision [WSJ]
  • Self-Driving Trucks: Tractor-trailers without a human at the wheel will soon barrel onto highways near you. What will this mean for the nation's 1.7 million truck drivers? [MIT Technology Review]
  • Can Facebook's Machine Learning Algorithms Accurately Predict Suicide? [Scientific American]
  • This Man Makes Founders Cry [Backchannel]
  • Alphabet's Eric Schmidt: 'Big Data is so powerful, nation states will fight' over it [Business Insider]
  • Google Cloud Next 2017 - Eric Schmidt full keynote [YouTube]
  • Jean Michel Jarre U.S. Tour [JMJ Official website]
  • A 'Digital Alchemist' Unravels the Mysteries of Complexity [WIRED]
  • Distracted by Facebook? This might be the reason you're procrastinating [WEF]
  • Hillary Clinton Says She's 'Ready to Come Out of the Woods' [NY Times]
  • Incorporated Built an incredible World. Then Syfy Nuked it. [WIRED]
  • Social Media Are Driving Americans Insane [Bloomberg]
  • A NBA Star Thinks He Can Help Video Gaming Competitions Grow Up [Bloomberg]
  • What if Quantum Computers Used Hard Drivers Made of DNA? [WIRED]
  • A Radical Vision of the Universe Returns to Electrify Physics [WIRED]
  • Julia, A Muppet With Autism, Joins The Cast of 'Sesame Street' [NPR]
  • The Alaska of Giants and Gods [New Yorker]
  • The Biases That Keep Good R&D Projects from Getting Funded [HBR]
  • 261 elephants: How Peace Corps unexpectedly made a dream come true [Peace Corps]
  • Education: enfin une femme au programme du bac L ! [Le Parisien]
  • Nigeria Commits to Scaling Up Use of Antiseptic Gel to Reduce Newborn Deaths [USAID]
  • Promoting investigative journalism in Afghanistan [EuropeAID]
  • Water security threats demand new collaborations: Lessons from the Mekong River Basin [EIU]
  • The Assault on Reason 2017 Edition by Al Gore [Penguin Random House]
  • Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Volume 73 issue 2 [link]
  • Horizon Zero Dawn [Playstation]
  • TAG Heuer and Gran Turismo Sport Partnership Announced at the Geneva Motor Show [Gran Turismo]

Right now I'm listening to Drake's "More Life" playlist. It's really good, and great to hear new Drake music. Assassin's Creed was finally on iTunes so I got to watch it. Great movie, although it did have bad reviews. Ubisoft is working on the next installment and skipped a year to polish the final product from what the blogosphere is saying. Manchester United is still in the Europa League, Quarter-Finals are next month, along with UCL. Imperative that MANUTD wins, so they get back to the UCL next year. I just read Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (French Minister of Education)'s book. I really connected with the book because she refers the conundrum of being in the middle of two cultures, being an immigrant yet viewing herself as a proud French person. It's something that a lot of people deal with in France. People deem you as being "unpatriotic" because of the color of your skin. There are millions of immigrants working extremely hard, and their stories have been told, it just gets lost in the news cycle. Then you get the rise of "Populism" which is scary as hell. Thankfully they didn't win in Holland. Yet Le Pen might win in France, hence the importance of voting in the elections. Abstention is not an option, the risks are far too great.

Anyway, #SXSW just wrapped up, so be sure to check out coverage on your favorite tech blogs, I'm sure there were some great stories! Also, Ultra Music Festival is happening soon, so if you're going, have fun, but please be safe.

Until next time!

PS. I saw MØ in concert! It was amazing. Her voice is incredible, can't wait for the new album.

PPS. March Madness!!!

JETLAG RADIO 054 | 2-19-17

Hello. I've just added Playlist # 054. The first selection is from Maglev entitled "Flight to Jupiter." It's a really great track.

  • This cartoon explains why Elon Musk thinks we're characters in a computer simulation. He might be right. [Vox]
  • Why Artificial Intelligence Won't Displace Artists [Bloomberg]
  • Understanding Agent Cooperation [Deep Mind Blog, PDF]
  • Gabe Newell isn't really here [Polygon]
  • How Lego Built A Social Network For Kids That's Not Creepy [WIRED]
  • The Rise of AI Makes Emotional Intelligence More Important [HBR]
  • Want to Be More Productive? Sit Next to Someone Who Is [HBR]
  • IBM wants to bring machine learning to the mainframe [TechCrunch]
  • CRISPR-Cas9 inventor Jennifer Doudna's plans on moving forward, genetically modifying humans [TechCrunch]
  • Q&A: The Future of AI and transportation [TechCrunch]
  • A Robot Physical Therapist Helps Kids with Cerebral Palsy [MIT Tech Review]
  • Imagining the Future of VR at Google [MIT Tech Review]
  • "The Relentless Pace of Automation" [MIT Tech Review]
  • AI Software Juggles Probabilities to Learn from Less Data [MIT Tech Review]
  • The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding [WIRED]
  • The AI Threat Isn't Skynet. It's the End of the Middle Class [WIRED]
  • A Computer to Rival the Brain [New Yorker]
  • Saved From Holocaust: 'He Loved Me and He Wanted to Keep Me' [NY Times]
  • The Most Desirable Employee Benefits [HBR]
  • Open Sourcing Mental Illness [OSMI]
  • TEDxCERN 4th edition [link]
  • Searching for the Mysterious Planet 9 [The Verge]
  • Dalai Lama to Speak at Commencement [UCSD Guardian]
  • The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist [HBR]
  • Being Engaged at Work Is Not the Same as Being Productive [HBR]
  • Lessons on finding steady ground (#ClimateChange) [350]
  • Alain de Botton: On Love [YouTube]
  • One of my favorite French Romantic Comedy TV Show is now available on YouTube! It's called "Un Gars Une Fille." It's really great, but if you don't understand French humor, it might not make much sense when you translate the French in your head. Nevertheless, it's a really good show and you should check it out. [YouTube]
  • Paul Taylor has some new videos on his page. Funny stuff as always. [YouTube]
  • Almost done reading "Managing the Climate Crisis" by Robert O Schneider. Also reading "The Daily Stoic" by Ryan Holiday. About to start my 5th book on Doctors Without Borders, this one by Dan Bortolotti.
  • 2 albums I'm listening to right now are Anjunabeats Vol 13 and Lupe Fiasco's new LP.
  • I watched Marvel's Dr. Strange. It was great!
  • Host an event in support of health care and Social Security on February 25th at your local Congressperson's office. [Our Revolution]

Until next time!

JETLAG RADIO 053 | 1-31-17

Hi. I've just added Playlist 053 to the blog. The first track is this really cool song by The Trixx called "Cosmos." It makes a good intro.

  • Beat Generosity Burnout [HBR]
  • Companies Brace for Decade of Disruption From AI [MIT Sloan Management Review]
  • The Rise of AI Will Force Data Scientists To Evolve Or Get Left Behind [Forbes]
  • AI Is About Business Opportunity, Not Killing All Humans [Huffington Post UK]
  • The future of AI? Here's what Microsoft researchers think [World Economic Forum / Fortune]
  • Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking Warn of Artificial Intelligence Arms Race [Newsweek]
  • Deep Learning Will Radically Change the Ways We Interact with Technology [HBR]
  • 4 Models for Using AI to Make Decisions [HBR]
  • A Mystery AI Just Crushed The Best Human Players At Poker [WIRED]
  • More understanding machines - IBM Patent 9384450 [IBMBlr]
  • Printed Human body parts could soon be available for transplant [The Economist]
  • The Race To Pass Obama's Last Law and Save Tech in DC [WIRED]
  • Gene-Editing Therapy Saves Lives Of Two Baby Girls With Leukemia [IFLScience]
  • Boeing's New Spacesuit May Look Stylish As Hell, But It's All Business [WIRED]
  • Books I'm reading: just started my 3rd book on Doctors Without Borders (this one by Peter Redfield), a Zen book by Jakusho Kwong, something by C.S. Lewis, and a Greek Philosophy book. I still want to read the new Tim Ferriss, but Good God that's a huge book to carry around. I may need the Kindle version.
  • one of the latest albums I've been listening to is BT's "-+", which you can stream here. It's really good and great ambient background music for reading/studying/etc.
  • Joshua Topolsky's new website "The Outline" has been live for a couple of weeks now, and it's pretty good, be sure to check it out.
  • Daft Punk are going to perform at the Grammys! So excited!
  • FC Cincinnati submits application to join Major League Soccer. This is excellent news! [WCPO]
  • The FIA WEC #Endurance2017 conference is 02/02/2017, don't miss it! [FIA WEC]
  • Data on climate change progress is disappearing from the US State Department website [Business Insider] this is really alarming so please contact your representatives

Until Next Time!

JETLAG RADIO 052 | 01-15-17

Hi there. I've just added Playlist #052 to my blog. Here's a great song below from the new episode by the Shapeshifter NZ entitled: Stars. Their new album is pretty good, so be sure to check it out as well.


  • Thanks to AI, Computers can see your health problems [WIRED]
  • 5 Big Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2017 [MIT Technology Review]
  • In Cancer Fight, Artificial Intelligence Is A Smart Move For Everyone [Forbes]
  • Final Fantasy 7: An Oral History [Polygon]
  • Quantum Computing is Real and D-Wave just Open-Sourced it [WIRED]
  • Don't Turn Earth Into Venus, Warns NASA Ex-Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan [WIRED]
  • What Happens When Algorithms Design A Concert Hall? The Stunning Elbphilharmonie [WIRED]
  • Will You Lose Your Job To Artificial Intelligence? Here's What The Experts Really Think [Inc.]
  • Will Robots Usher In A Utopia Or Dystopia? [Fast Company]
  • Obama's Technology Legacy [MIT Technology Review]
Check out the Special Report: Lifelong Education in the latest The Economist issue

Check out the Special Report: Lifelong Education in the latest The Economist issue

  • Kick-Ass Customer Service [HBR]
  • The Music Donald Trump Can't Hear [New Yorker]
  • really enjoyed Anjunabeats Worldwide Episode 510 [Soundcloud]
  • Incredible story of Afghanistan Women's National Soccer Team [Men In Blazers]
  • went to the Sacramento Kings vs Cleveland Cavaliers at the new Golden 1 Center Arena. It was a lot of fun, looking forward going to another game later this year.
  • Nuclear Roundup 01/13/2017 [Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists]
  • Donald Trump starts MLK weekend by attacking civil rights hero John Lewis [The Guardian] [BBC]
    • I urge you to support John Lewis by purchasing the March trilogy comic book. We must not let history repeat itself. [Amazon]
  • Noir Reads is simple and easy way to read Black literature to develop or deepen your understanding of Black culture & the Black experience by introducing readers to writers of the Diaspora and engaging in dynamic discussions with a growing private online community. [Noir Reads]
  • Migration: Thousands trapped in freezing temperatures in Greece and the Balkans [MSF]
  • interview with Thomas Pesquet in Outer Space [Europe 1 on DailyMotion] note: French
  • US Secretary of State John Kerry at MIT - January 9, 2017 #ClimateChange [YouTube]
  • visited the Aerospace Musem of California a few weeks ago. Really cool stuff. There's a Da Vinci Exhibit in February. Looking forward to it. [Sacramento Press]
  • Please join us, Bernie Sanders, and the Our Revolution Campaign to #SaveACA [YouTube]
  • #AskGaryVee 238 [YouTube]
  • I just recently finished my 7th book by Alain de Botton entitled "The Course of Love" and I'm almost halfway through Bernie Sanders' book. Such a great author. Among the books I'm reading now include "Peace Through Entrepreneurship" by Steven R. Koltai, "Superintelligence" by Nick Bostrom and "Time Travel" by James Gleick. There are also 2 new books on the X-Files mythology that are out, looking forward to reading them.
  • There's a movie called "Divines" on Netflix. It's a movie in French, and a very powerful film at that. It reinforces the fact that it is imperative that more needs to be done in the "Banlieus" of France. Education is key, something must be done to help the youth.
  • I am so excited that my favorite French Rap group IAM is releasing their new album on 03/03/17. I've been waiting for this for a long time. Here's a spotify playlist if you want to check them out.

Until next time! 

JETLAG RADIO 049 | 050 | 051 | 12-22-16

Hello. I've just added 049, 050, 051 playlists to my blog.

The first track on 051 is this amazing track from Lange which I haven't heard in years. Great vibe.

  • The Great A.I. Awakening (Gideon Lewis-Kraus) [New York Times]
  • Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy (White House) [PDF]
  • The AI Takeover Is Coming. Let's Embrace It (Sandra Upson) [Backchannel]
  • Alfie Jackson - The Last Holiday - a song for the children of Syria [YouTube]
  • Book Doctors Say What You Need Is a Good Read (Sarah Sloat) [Wall Street Journal]
  • Some of the books I'm currently reading: A book on Doctors Without Borders, latest Lauren Collins book, and Bernie Sanders' Our Revolution. They're all very good so far.
  • One of my next read is the new Tim Ferriss' book. I'm so glad he wrote something new. "Tools of Titans" looks gigantic, but I can't wait to read it.
  • Max Vangeli has a new album, be sure to check it out. [Spotify]
  • She & Him have a new Christmas album, and here it is. [Spotify]
  • I saw the Sci-Fi movie "The Arrival." Really good! [YouTube]
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Be safe and don't drink & drive. Get a cab, Uber, or Lyft.

JETLAG RADIO 048 | 11-23-16

Hello. Playlist 048 has been added. A bit electronic heavy this time around.

I gotta say, I was pretty distraught with the Elections' result. According to an article on Mashable, 46.6% of eligible voters did not vote. I specifically said in a previous blog post that your vote matters, and it makes a difference. If you do not vote, you cannot complain about the elections' result.

How can we learn from this Election? Well, we simply need to get more involved, not just on national level, but also on State and Local level. Find a Congressman, State Senator, and Governor you believe in, support them, vote for them. The next 2 years are going to be long, but nothing will get fixed if you don't get involved. Do you still care about your issues, whether they are Climate Change, Foreign Policy, the Economy, Obamacare, free tuition for college students, so on and so forth? We can still make them happen, but you need to do something about it. Educate yourself, and those around you.

Imagine how I felt after curating so much content on Twitter, only to be beaten by fake news on Facebook? There is a battle, and a battle to stay informed. Read. Read, read, read. Read from important institutions. Don't read from rumor magazines at the grocery store for some gossip. Go to an actual bookstore and read about what's going on in the world. Ask for recommendations. You can order from Amazon too (which I do) but bookstores do have a little bit of magic, especially during the holidays.

But, remember, don't live in a bubble. Engage those aren't educated about the issues you support. Explain them your viewpoint. Explain them why Climate Change is real, and that it probably would be a good idea not to destroy our planet for our older days, or for the next generation of kids. Help them understand what Planned Parenthood stands for. Display them stories about the hardship of refugees in Europe, and why there needs to be a resolution to the war in Syria and other countries. Tell them that you cannot afford student loans for the rest of your days, and why you need affordable tuition, the way university is pretty much free in Europe.

Get involved, in whatever way you deem productive.

Until next time!

PS. Thanksgiving is this week. While we may not be happy with the election results, don't forget to be thankful for good health, family, and a million other reasons. Also, when you eat that piece of turkey, don't forget to thank the heroes around the world who keep us safe.

JETLAG RADIO 046 | 10-14-16 / 10-22-16

Hello. I've just added Playlist # 046. The first track is from Lemaitre's new EP:

  • The Obama Administration has published a new report on Artificial Intelligence.
  • Here is a video from The Verge which condenses the Google Pixel event in 10 minutes
  • Here's the full video review of the Google Pixel phone from The Verge:
  • Have you seen this new TV show on YouTube RED by Wong Fu Productions?
  • Intel Kaby Lake is finally here, and thus, new toys came out. Check out the new Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc on your favorite tech blogs.
  • Microsoft Event on Wednesday Oct 26 regarding future of Windows 10. Here's a link.
  • Apple Event on Thursday Oct 27 concerning the new MacBook Pros (verge article).
  • If you haven't already, please register to vote before the deadline which is approaching extremely soon. Your vote is extremely important. Go to for more details. It's super fast and easy. Remember, you can't complain with the outlook of an election if you don't participate in voting.
  • My #1 issue this year is #ClimateChange because all of the predictive computer models for Earth 2050 look like something out of a scary video-game. Hence, I'm voting for Hillary, unlike the other guy who thinks Climate Change does not exist.
  • Speaking of #ClimateChange, there's a great new documentary coming out in the next couple of days on National Geographic:

Until next time!

JETLAG RADIO 045 | 09-22-16

Hello. I've just added playlist 045. Here below is the first track, Calvin Harris has a new single, and he's singing on it, which is amazing. I hope he continues to sing on future releases, because he's an amazing vocalist. I know he wants to stick to production-only, but he has a great voice.

I had like almost 300 songs to put on the playlist but I decided to trim it down. You'll see the rest along with other future new music in Playlist 46.

Mr Robot season 2 finale was intense! Now I need to catch up on Halt & Catch Fire Season 2 & 3, and there's also StartUp TV show on Crackle (that portal where you can watch Jerry Seinfeld's Comedian & Cars getting coffee). There's still a while until HBO's Silicon Valley returns...

Here are two albums I'm listening to a lot right now that are really good. First, LTN & Arielle Maren's Momentum. Second, Gemini's Wanderlust.

is going on a North American Tour!!!

She's the vocalist behind the song "Lean On" (along with Major Lazer). She is extremely talented. I can't wait for her new album.


Until next time!